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Madhav Fashion’s Enchanting Jacquard Block Print Fabric Collection: Madhav Fashion, a leading name in the world of premium embroidered fabric manufacturing, has once again set the bar high with its latest collection of Jacquard Block Print Fabrics.

With a rich heritage of crafting exquisite textiles, Madhav Fashion brings forth an enchanting range of jacquard fabrics that celebrate the artistry of block printing. From Banarasi to Patola, Traditional Sahi to Kingdom and Queen dress patterns, this collection showcases the timeless beauty and versatility of jacquard fabrics.

Jacquard Block Print Fabric: A Fusion of Traditions

The marriage of Jacquard weaving and block printing is a celebration of tradition and innovation. Jacquard weaving is renowned for creating intricate patterns and designs, while block printing is an age-old technique that imparts a unique character to fabrics. Madhav Fashion’s Jacquard Block Print Fabric Collection seamlessly blends these two art forms, resulting in fabrics that are nothing short of mesmerizing.

  1. Jacquard Print Fabric: The collection begins with the timeless elegance of Jacquard Print Fabric. These fabrics feature intricate patterns woven into the fabric, creating a rich texture that adds depth to any outfit.
  2. Jacquard Digital Print Fabric: For a modern twist, Madhav Fashion offers Jacquard Digital Print Fabric, combining the classic jacquard texture with digitally printed designs that are both vibrant and contemporary.
  3. Jacquard Digital Block Print Fabric: This variant combines the precision of digital printing with the rustic charm of block printing, resulting in fabrics that exude sophistication.
  4. Jacquard Print Fabric with Banarasi Pattern: Inspired by the opulent heritage of Banarasi silk, these fabrics feature jacquard weaves adorned with intricate Banarasi patterns, perfect for creating regal attire.
  5. Jacquard Block Print Fabric with Patola Pattern: Patola, known for its mesmerizing geometric designs, finds a new canvas in Madhav Fashion’s Jacquard Block Print Fabric, adding a touch of tradition to modern fashion.
  6. Jacquard Block Print Fabric with Traditional Sahi Pattern: These fabrics pay homage to the rich textile traditions of India with their traditional Sahi block prints on intricately woven jacquard fabric.
  7. Jacquard Block Print Fabric with Kingdom Pattern: The Kingdom Pattern brings a sense of grandeur to the collection, with majestic block prints that evoke the aura of royalty.
  8. Jacquard Block Print Fabric with Queen Dress Pattern: Fit for a queen, these fabrics feature block prints designed for creating elegant dresses that exude grace and charm.
Madhav Fashion’s Enchanting Jacquard Block Print Fabric Collection
Madhav Fashion: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Madhav Fashion’s Jacquard Block Print Fabric Collection is a testament to their commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. Each fabric is a work of art meticulously created by skilled artisans, ensuring that every pattern and texture is flawless.

Whether you’re a designer seeking to create couture masterpieces or an individual looking for fabrics that make a statement, Madhav Fashion’s Jacquard Block Print Fabric Collection offers a world of possibilities. Elevate your style with these enchanting fabrics and embrace the rich heritage of textile artistry.


What is jacquard print fabric?

Jacquard print fabric is a textile characterized by intricate patterns and designs woven directly into the fabric using a Jacquard loom. Unlike traditional printing methods, where patterns are applied on the surface, Jacquard patterns are an integral part of the fabric. This weaving technique allows for the creation of intricate and detailed designs, often with raised or textured elements. Jacquard print fabrics are known for their luxurious appearance and are commonly used in high-end fashion and upholstery.

What kind of fabric is jacquard?

Jacquard is not a specific type of fabric but a weaving technique. It can be applied to various fibers, including cotton, silk, polyester, and blends. The choice of fabric depends on the intended use and desired characteristics of the final product.

Is jacquard fabric expensive?

The cost of jacquard fabric can vary widely depending on factors such as the type of fiber used, complexity of the design, and brand. In general, jacquard fabrics are considered luxurious and may be more expensive than plain woven or printed fabrics due to the intricate weaving process and attention to detail.

Is jacquard fabric for summer or winter?

Jacquard fabric can be suitable for both summer and winter, depending on the weight and composition of the fabric. Lightweight jacquard fabrics made from breathable fibers like cotton can be ideal for summer clothing. Heavier jacquard fabrics, possibly with added insulation, can be used for winter garments and upholstery.

Is jacquard better than cotton?

The choice between jacquard and cotton depends on the specific application. Jacquard refers to the weaving technique, whereas cotton is a type of fiber. Jacquard cotton fabrics combine the benefits of cotton’s natural breathability and comfort with the intricate patterns and textures achieved through the Jacquard weaving process. The “better” option depends on individual preferences and needs.

Is jacquard cotton or polyester?

Jacquard fabrics can be made from a variety of fibers, including cotton, polyester, silk, and more. The choice of fiber depends on the desired characteristics of the fabric, such as texture, appearance, and durability.

Is jacquard fabric cotton or silk?

Jacquard fabrics can be made from either cotton or silk, as well as other fibers or blends. Cotton jacquards are known for their breathability and versatility, while silk jacquards offer a luxurious and smooth texture.

Is jacquard same as cotton?

Jacquard is not the same as cotton; rather, it is a weaving technique that can be applied to cotton and various other fibers. Cotton is a natural plant-based fiber, while jacquard refers to the method of weaving intricate patterns.

Is jacquard fabric washable?

The washability of jacquard fabric depends on the specific fiber used and any additional treatments or finishes applied to the fabric. Many cotton jacquards are machine-washable, while silk or delicate blends may require more gentle care, such as dry cleaning.

What are the disadvantages of jacquard?

Some potential disadvantages of jacquard fabrics include their higher cost compared to plain fabrics, their complexity, which can make repairs challenging, and the possibility of snags or pulls in the intricate patterns. Additionally, some jacquard fabrics may be less breathable than plain weaves, making them less suitable for very hot climates.

Is jacquard stretchable?

Jacquard fabrics can be made with or without stretch properties, depending on the specific construction and fiber used. Stretch jacquards are often blended with elastane or spandex to provide flexibility and comfort.

Is jacquard waterproof?

Jacquard fabric itself is not inherently waterproof. However, it can be treated with waterproof coatings or laminations to make it water-resistant or waterproof, depending on the intended use.

Is jacquard for winter?

Jacquard fabrics can be suitable for winter if they are of a heavier weight and possibly lined or insulated. They can provide warmth and a touch of luxury to winter clothing and home textiles.

Can you iron jacquard fabric?

The ironing of jacquard fabric depends on the fiber content and any care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Ironing may be possible but should be done at the appropriate temperature for the specific fiber to avoid damage.

What are the advantages of jacquard?

The advantages of jacquard fabrics include their intricate and attractive patterns, texture, durability, and versatility. They are often chosen for their luxurious appearance and ability to add a touch of elegance to clothing, upholstery, and home decor.

Is jacquard synthetic or natural?

Jacquard fabrics can be made from both natural and synthetic fibers, or blends of both. The choice of fiber depends on the desired characteristics of the fabric.

What is the difference between print and jacquard?

The primary difference between printed fabric and jacquard fabric is the way patterns or designs are applied. Printed fabrics have patterns applied to the surface, while jacquard fabrics have patterns woven into the fabric itself, creating a textured, raised design.

Does jacquard shrink?

The potential for jacquard fabric to shrink depends on the fiber content and any pre-shrinking treatments applied during manufacturing. Natural fibers like cotton may have some shrinkage, whereas synthetic fibers like polyester are less prone to shrinking.

Is jacquard fabric for summer?

Jacquard fabrics can be suitable for summer if they are lightweight, breathable, and made from natural fibers like cotton. They can provide comfort and style for warm-weather clothing.

Is jacquard a print?

No, jacquard is not a print; it’s a weaving technique. Unlike prints, which are applied to the surface of the fabric, jacquard patterns are an integral part of the fabric, created through the weaving process.

Which is better polyester or jacquard?

The choice between polyester and jacquard depends on the specific application and preferences. Polyester is known for its durability and resistance to wrinkles and moisture, while jacquard refers to a weaving technique. The suitability of one over the other depends on factors such as comfort, appearance, and intended use.

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