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Surat 14 December 2023 As we know, yesterday in the Parliament building, 6 people young men entered and spread colorful smoke, causing chaos for a moment where no one could understand what was happening.

However, our brave parliamentarian, introducing his courage, apprehended them and even beat them. This incident will be remembered as a black day in the history of India.

These 6 people are just pawns; behind them are PFI, Khalistani, ISI, and many contract killer gangs?

Now the question arises, who is behind this? Our country, India, has the world’s most powerful and humane system of security that no one can break.

So how did this happen? — 6 people

Now, let me remind you of some other incidents. About a year ago, during the farmer’s protest at Delhi’s Red Fort, some people joined in and hoisted the tricolor from the Red Fort. In the end, who are these people? The question remains the same. If you carefully observe both incidents, the picture will be clear of who is behind them.

The fox always waits for the moment when it can prey on the lion. The fox knows that even its entire community cannot prey on the lion. So, they form a pack and look for the lion alone, waiting for an opportunity to attack. Many times they fail to win because they underestimate the strength and morale of the lion.

This is a story, but who are the people behind this story? For fulfilling political and religious ambitions in India, the opposition party can do anything. These 6 people are just pawns; behind them are PFI, Khalistani, ISI, and many contract killer gangs. And all these people are funded by some political parties like ongress, waisi, mupti, jriwal, and others.

Behind them is a terrorist religious community whose rise has been with terrorist thinking. Their religious leaders are demons of the Kali Yuga, who only want to harm humanity and peace. They are the same people who are experts in playing the victim card.

According to sources, these allegations are based on some social media news and arguments. If you look closely at all the issues, 100% truth is evident. Currently, an investigation is underway. The truth will come out in front of everyone, but we need to be cautious of such terrorist people. We won’t even know when they brainwash your entire family and stand them against you. They have to be uprooted from India just like their ancestors.

1. What happened in the Parliament building incident mentioned?

In the recent incident at the Parliament building, six individuals entered and created chaos by releasing colorful smoke. Despite a moment of confusion, a courageous parliamentarian intervened, introducing himself to the chaos and subsequently apprehending and even physically confronting the intruders. This event is anticipated to be remembered as a dark day in India’s history.

2. Who is suspected to be behind the Parliament incident, and why?

The suspicion arises that these individuals are connected to various terrorist organizations such as PFI, Khalistani, and ISI, acting as pawns for political parties like Congress, Owaisi, and MPT Kejriwal. These organizations allegedly fund and manipulate these events for their political and religious objectives.

3. How does the Parliament incident reflect on India’s security system?

Despite India being hailed for having one of the world’s most powerful and humane security systems, the incident raises questions about its effectiveness. The breach in the Parliament building underscores the need for a thorough examination of the existing security measures.

4. Can the Red Fort incident be compared to the recent Parliament incident?

Yes, the two incidents, though different in nature, share common threads. Both involve groups creating disruptions for political and religious agendas. Observing both incidents closely reveals the possible involvement of similar elements.

5. What is the significance of mentioning the Red Fort incident in this context?

The reference to the Red Fort incident highlights a pattern of events where certain groups engage in disruptive activities, possibly orchestrated by larger political and religious forces.

6. How accurate are the allegations against the individuals and organizations mentioned?

The allegations are based on information circulating on social media and various arguments. While investigations are ongoing, the sources claim a 100% truth in the accusations.

7. What is the role of the religious community mentioned in the context of these incidents?

The mentioned religious community is suspected of harboring extremist ideologies, with their leaders viewed as promoters of terrorism. Their influence contributes to incidents that disrupt peace and harm humanity.

8. How does the story of the fox and the lion relate to the incidents described?

The analogy of the fox and the lion symbolizes the smaller entities forming packs to challenge a more potent force. In this context, it signifies groups attempting to undermine the strength of the established system.

9. What precautions should be taken against potential brainwashing by extremist elements?

The reference to potential brainwashing emphasizes the need for vigilance within families and communities. Awareness, education, and fostering open communication are crucial to prevent radicalization and manipulation by extremist forces.

Source: Internet & Social media, Declaimer i am not claiming anything just written based on rummer.

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