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Aakar Innovations, renowned for its pioneering work in providing biodegradable sanitary pads to underprivileged women, has now made a significant foray into the retail segment. Launching theAnandi Athletic’ 100% compostable sanitary pads in Bengaluru on October 23, the company has set its sights on creating a more extensive reach and impact within the menstrual hygiene market.

Recognizing the critical importance of women’s health, Jaydeep Mandal, Founder and Managing Director of Aakar Innovations, emphasized the need for safe and sustainable menstrual hygiene products. Free from harmful chemicals, plastics, and dioxin, the ‘Anandi Athletic’ pads aim to provide comfort and safety, ensuring a rash-free and healthier experience for women during their menstrual cycles.

Anandi Athletic: Aakar Innovations Revolutionizes Retail with Compostable Sanitary Pads

The event saw the presence of Karolina Bielawska, Miss World 2021, who lauded the company’s commitment to empowering women and advocating for improved menstrual hygiene practices. Highlighting the prevailing challenges surrounding menstrual hygiene in India, the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) report’s findings revealed the prevalent use of unhygienic alternatives among a significant proportion of women.

Aakar Innovations, founded in 2011, has been a beacon of hope for rural women facing social isolation and health risks due to inadequate access to menstrual hygiene products. With an emphasis on affordability and biodegradability, the company has spearheaded menstrual awareness campaigns and empowered women through employment opportunities, with the majority of the workforce comprising women.

The introduction of ‘Anandi Athletic’ pads marks a significant milestone for Aakar Innovations as it looks to expand its operations across Karnataka, focusing on addressing the specific needs of rural communities. Mandal’s emphasis on a mass-market product underscores the company’s vision to create an accessible, affordable, and environmentally friendly solution for women across various demographics.

Aakar Innovations’ remarkable journey, from grassroots engagement to its current retail expansion, showcases its unwavering commitment to promoting menstrual hygiene management and sustainability. With plans to scale up its presence in retail stores, the company aims to make a lasting impact by prioritizing women’s health and well-being while championing environmental sustainability.


FAQ 1: What makes ‘Anandi Athletic’ sanitary pads unique compared to conventional pads?

Answer: ‘Anandi Athletic’ sanitary pads by Aakar Innovations distinguish themselves by being 100% compostable, free from harmful chemicals, plastics, and dioxin. Unlike conventional pads, they prioritize women’s health and the environment, ensuring a rash-free and comfortable menstrual experience. The pads’ ultra-soft bio-nonwoven top layer offers exceptional comfort, while their super absorbent polymer aids in preventing rashes, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and cervical cancer, ensuring women’s well-being during their menstrual cycles.

FAQ 2: How does Aakar Innovations contribute to menstrual hygiene awareness in rural communities?

Answer: Aakar Innovations has been instrumental in promoting menstrual hygiene awareness in rural communities through extensive campaigns and by providing affordable and high-quality sanitary pads to women who lack access to proper menstrual hygiene resources. By engaging with communities and empowering women through employment opportunities, the company has successfully combated social isolation and health risks associated with inadequate menstrual hygiene practices in rural areas.

FAQ 3: What is the disposal process for ‘Anandi Athletic’ compostable sanitary pads?

Answer: ‘Anandi Athletic’ sanitary pads can be disposed of in composting systems, where they can transform into 40-50 grams of compost within 3-6 months. This eco-friendly disposal process eliminates the environmental harm caused by conventional plastic-based pads, significantly reducing the carbon footprint and contributing to sustainable waste management practices.

FAQ 4: How does Aakar Innovations ensure the affordability of ‘Anandi Athletic’ sanitary pads?

Answer: Aakar Innovations’ focus on affordability is reflected in the pricing strategy for ‘Anandi Athletic’ sanitary pads, making them accessible to women from diverse economic backgrounds. By leveraging cost-effective Indian bio-nonwoven materials and emphasizing sustainable production practices, the company aims to provide an economical yet high-quality alternative to multinational brands, prioritizing both health and environmental friendliness.

FAQ 5: What is the anticipated market reach for ‘Anandi Athletic’ sanitary pads?

Answer: Aakar Innovations plans to expand the market reach for ‘Anandi Athletic’ sanitary pads to 500 stores by December, with a significant increase from the current 50 stores. With the strategic expansion plan, the company aims to cater to a more extensive consumer base and ensure that women across various regions have access to these eco-friendly and health-conscious sanitary pads.

FAQ 6: How do ‘Anandi Athletic’ sanitary pads contribute to environmental sustainability?

Answer: ‘Anandi Athletic’ sanitary pads contribute to environmental sustainability by offering a 100% compostable alternative to conventional plastic-based pads. Their ability to transform into compost within a short period significantly reduces environmental pollution and waste accumulation, making them an eco-conscious choice for women concerned about the environmental impact of menstrual hygiene products.

FAQ 7: What initiatives does Aakar Innovations undertake to empower women in its manufacturing units?

Answer: Aakar Innovations’ manufacturing units prioritize the empowerment of women, with approximately 80% of the workforce comprising female employees. The company provides employment opportunities and a supportive working environment for women, enabling them to contribute to the production of sanitary pads and actively participate in the company’s mission to promote menstrual hygiene awareness and sustainability.

FAQ 8: How does ‘Anandi Athletic’ sanitary pads contribute to preventing health issues during menstruation?

Answer: ‘Anandi Athletic’ sanitary pads are designed to provide optimal protection against health issues such as rashes, UTIs, and cervical cancer, which can be exacerbated by the use of conventional plastic-based pads. Their chemical-free composition and ultra-soft top layer ensure a comfortable and safe menstrual experience, prioritizing women’s health and well-being throughout their menstrual cycles.

FAQ 9: How does Aakar Innovations plan to scale its operations and reach more rural communities in the future?

Answer: Aakar Innovations aims to extend its operations and reach more rural communities by expanding its market presence across Karnataka, starting with one or two districts per month from December. Through strategic distribution and awareness campaigns, the company plans to ensure that ‘Anandi Athletic’ sanitary pads are readily available to women in remote areas, contributing to improved menstrual hygiene practices and women’s health empowerment across the region.

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