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October 11, 2023: In the world of Indian entrepreneurship, (Empowered Women) the story of Falguni and Adwaita Nayar is nothing short of inspiring. The mother-daughter duo has not only built a lifestyle empire but has also become champions of empowerment for women across the nation.

The Nykaa brand, under their visionary leadership, has grown into India’s most formidable cosmetics and fashion business, winning the hearts of millions of consumers both online and offline.

A Legacy of Empowerment

Falguni Nayar, a former banker and the founder and CEO of Nykaa, attributes her entrepreneurial spirit to her upbringing in the vibrant 1970s Mumbai. Raised with unwavering support from her father, who encouraged her to explore and experience life without gender constraints, Falguni learned that there were no limits to what a woman could achieve. Her father’s belief in her dreams and aspirations left a lasting impression, reinforcing the idea that freedom in pursuing one’s dreams can lead to limitless success.

Empowering Women: The Inspiring Journey of Falguni and Adwaita Nayar in Building the Nykaa Empire

A Mother’s Mentorship

Falguni’s daughter, Adwaita Nayar, carries forward the legacy of empowerment. Adwaita, the co-founder of Nykaa and CEO of Nykaa Fashion, learned from her mother’s example and strong parenting that the joy of living and discipline were essential values. She expresses her gratitude for having her mother as a mentor and inspiration, not just for herself but for millions of women across the country.

Combining Wisdom and Millennial Insights

The Nykaa brand’s success is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Falguni and Adwaita. Falguni’s financial expertise and Adwaita’s millennial insights have given rise to the formidable makeup and lifestyle brands we see today. They worked tirelessly out of a small 190 sq.ft. industrial workspace, starting from scratch. Their journey was characterized by dedication and attention to every detail, regardless of its size.

Virality Through Authenticity

One key to Nykaa’s success was its commitment to authenticity. The brand tapped into the way women discuss makeup and advice-giving, translating it effectively to the digital world. Adwaita’s insights played a pivotal role in this strategy. Nykaa’s forward-looking positioning, encouraging women to take control of their lives, combined with a non-judgmental approach to choices, struck a chord with Indian women.

A Story of Innovation and Empowerment

The Nykaa journey is a testament to innovation and empowerment. Falguni and Adwaita Nayar have not only built a thriving business empire but have also become advocates for women pursuing their dreams and ambitions. Their story exemplifies that with the right mentorship and values, one can achieve remarkable success, no matter the challenges.

In conclusion, the Nayar family’s entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to empowerment, and passion for authenticity have been instrumental in making Nykaa one of India’s most beloved brands. Their journey is a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a reminder of the limitless possibilities that emerge when wisdom, innovation, and empowerment intersect.

Madhav Fashion: Celebrating Empowered Women in Fashion

In a world where fashion knows no bounds and creativity thrives, Madhav Fashion stands as a symbol of empowerment and style. We applaud the remarkable journey of Falguni and Adwaita Nayar in building the Nykaa Empire and empowering women across India.

At Madhav Fashion, we understand the essence of empowerment in the world of fashion. Just like the Nayar family, we believe that fashion is more than just clothing; it’s a canvas for individuals to express their uniqueness and make a statement. We celebrate the spirit of strong, visionary women who are not bound by limitations and who, like Falguni and Adwaita, lead with passion and dedication.

Madhav Fashion’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability resonates with the Nykaa story. We share the belief that high-quality materials, creativity, and empowerment are the cornerstones of a thriving fashion industry. Our fabrics are crafted to be more than just materials; they are a means for designers and fashion enthusiasts to create their unique narratives.

As a brand, we recognize that the journey of empowerment and success is not defined by gender but by dedication, innovation, and the pursuit of one’s dreams. The story of the Nykaa Empire is an inspiring testament to what can be achieved when wisdom, knowledge, and the spirit of collaboration come together.

Madhav Fashion celebrates the Nayar family’s legacy of empowerment, innovation, and authenticity, which mirrors our own commitment to quality and sustainability in fashion. We stand alongside those who believe in the limitless potential of the fashion industry and are committed to providing the materials and canvas for their creativity to flourish.

In a world where fashion and empowerment intersect, Madhav Fashion continues to provide the means for self-expression, style, and creativity. Just like Falguni and Adwaita Nayar, we are here to empower individuals to create their unique narratives and make a statement through fashion.

Madhav Fashion – Where Fashion Meets Empowerment.


1. What is Madhav Fashion’s connection to the Nykaa Empire?

Madhav Fashion is not directly related to the Nykaa Empire. However, both entities share a common theme of empowerment and innovation in the fashion industry.

2. How does Madhav Fashion celebrate empowered women in fashion?

Madhav Fashion celebrates empowered women by providing high-quality fabrics that serve as a canvas for self-expression and style, aligning with the spirit of empowerment in the fashion world.

3. What are Madhav Fashion’s core values when it comes to fashion and empowerment?

Madhav Fashion is committed to quality, sustainability, and creativity, believing that these are essential elements for empowering individuals in the fashion industry.

4. How does Madhav Fashion contribute to the empowerment of women in fashion?

Madhav Fashion contributes to empowerment by providing materials and fabrics that allow designers and fashion enthusiasts to express their unique narratives and make a statement through their creations.

5. Does Madhav Fashion offer materials for all types of fashion, including both traditional and contemporary styles?

Yes, Madhav Fashion offers a wide range of fabrics suitable for various fashion styles, from traditional to contemporary, providing a versatile canvas for creativity.

6. What sets Madhav Fashion apart from other fabric manufacturers in the fashion industry?

Madhav Fashion stands out through its commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation, mirroring the values celebrated in the Nykaa Empire’s story of empowerment.

7. How can individuals and designers access Madhav Fashion’s high-quality materials?

Madhav Fashion’s materials can be accessed through their official website and authorized retailers, making it easy for individuals and designers to find the fabrics they need.

8. How does Madhav Fashion contribute to sustainability in the fashion industry?

Madhav Fashion contributes to sustainability by offering high-quality, long-lasting materials that align with the broader push for sustainable and enduring fashion.

9. What inspired Madhav Fashion to create a fashion statement based on the Nykaa story?

Madhav Fashion was inspired by the Nykaa story as a symbol of empowerment, innovation, and authenticity, values that align with its own commitment to quality and sustainability in fashion.

10. How does Madhav Fashion see the intersection of fashion and empowerment?

Madhav Fashion sees the intersection of fashion and empowerment as a space where individuals are empowered to express their uniqueness and make a statement through creativity, style, and self-expression.

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