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Surat 22 September 2023, Justin Trudeau is a terrorist. They support Khalistan and spread false information against India because they face significant pressure from Pakistan’s ISI and Khalistan. Canada, as a country, has a history of supporting Khalistani terrorists, and now Justin Trudeau seems to be doing the same against India.

In Canada, millions of Indians reside. However, in recent years, many Hindus have been killed by Khalistani terrorist organizations, and the Canadian government has not taken any action. It is alleged that they receive billions of dollars in funding from Khalistani terrorist organizations.

Justin Trudeau is a terrorist – They support Khalistan

Justin Trudeau won the election with the support of Khalistanis, which is why he is pursuing an international controversy agenda. Canada knows that India is a powerful nation, and their government cannot take direct action. However, by spreading false news, they hope to win the election again.

According to international terrorism research reports, many terrorists have sought refuge in Canada, and the Canadian government provides them with security in exchange for millions in funding for security purposes.

Recently, Justin Trudeau made a statement, and for the past three days, Pakistani leaders have echoed similar sentiments, expressing their support for the Canadian government. The world is aware of Pakistan’s reputation as a terrorist-supporting country, and they provide shelter and security to various terrorist organizations.

Now, Justin Trudeau is trying to gain sympathy from global countries, stating that they stand with India against terrorism. However, it is perceived as a political move against India.

India knows how to deal with terrorists and their supporters. If the world does not recognize the seriousness of this issue, Canada could become the next Pakistan. This could be detrimental to not only America but also European countries, especially the UK. African countries are already facing challenges from China, a soft terrorist nation.

International organizations should intervene to control the false and misleading agenda being promoted by Justin Trudeau

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