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Embroidered Sequins fabric for all Types of garments – Design No. 6190

Embroidered Sequins fabric for all Types of garments Discover endless possibilities with D.N.6190 – an embroidered sequins fabric suitable for all types of garments. Elevate your fashion creations with dazzling elegance and versatility.


Introducing Design No. 6190, an exquisite embroidered sequins fabric designed to elevate your fashion game. This versatile fabric is the ultimate choice for creating a wide range of garments that exude glamour and sophistication. Let’s delve into the details of this stunning fabric:

Embroidered Sequins fabric for all Types of garments 

Design No. 6190 boasts a mesmerizing blend of intricate embroidery and shimmering sequins. This exquisite combination adds depth and dimension to your creations, making them stand out on any occasion. Whether you’re crafting evening gowns, cocktail dresses, or casual chic ensembles, this fabric is your canvas for high-end fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What is the composition of Design No. 6190?

This fabric is primarily made from a blend of polyester and nylon, ensuring both durability and comfort.

2. Is it suitable for casual as well as formal wear?

Absolutely! Design No. 6190’s versatility makes it perfect for both everyday fashion and special occasions.

3. Can I machine wash this fabric?

We recommend dry cleaning or gentle hand washing to preserve the delicate sequins and embroidery.

4. Is the sequin embellishment securely attached?

Yes, the sequins are expertly stitched to the fabric, ensuring they remain intact even after multiple wears.

5. How wide is the fabric?

Design No. 6190 is available in a standard width of 45 inches (114.3 cm).

6. Can I order samples to assess the fabric’s quality?

Yes, we offer fabric samples so you can experience the texture and shine before making a larger purchase.

7. Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity, allowing you to order the exact amount you need for your projects.

8. Does it come in various colors and designs?

Yes, Design No. 6190 is available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your creative vision.

9. Can I use this fabric for accessories or home decor?

Absolutely! This fabric is versatile and perfect for creating elegant home decor items and accessories.

Design No. 6190 is your gateway to crafting garments that reflect your unique style and personality. Elevate your fashion creations with the unparalleled elegance and versatility of this embroidered sequins fabric, designed to make you shine on every occasion.

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Georgette fabric is a lightweight, sheer textile known for its graceful drape and elegant appearance. Made from silk or synthetic fibers, it is a popular choice for evening gowns, sarees, and flowing dresses. Georgette's crinkled texture adds dimension to garments, making it a favored material for formal and bridal wear. Its versatility and timeless appeal make it a staple in fashion for creating ethereal, sophisticated looks.


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Madhav fashion requires advance payment for all orders. Customers are requested to make the payment in advance to confirm their orders.


For Delivery takes 15 to 25 days As per the products. If Placing Order on ready products we will dispatch withing two days.


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