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Buy kali Embroidery fabric at wholesale rate online in India


Madhav Fashion is the Best Kali Embroidery Fabric Manufacturer in Raika Circle, Surat, Gujarat.

Madhav Fashion produces Sequins Kali fabric, Mirror Work Kali Fabric, Dyeable Kali fabric, Lucknowi Kali fabric, Thread Work Kali fabric, Jacquard Kali fabric, Printed Kali fabric, and Print Embroidery Kali fabric for Prom Gown, Lehenga, Anarkali Dress, Long Dress, and other attire.

Kali Embroidery is crafted using different types of fabrics such as Georgette, Net, Cotton, and Organza.


Embroidery has been an integral part of Indian fashion, with its roots dating back centuries. Among the myriad of embroidery styles, Kali Thread Work stands out for its intricate and detailed patterns, adding a touch of elegance to any attire.

If you’re on the lookout for high-quality Kali Thread Work Embroidery fabric at wholesale rates in India, your search ends here!

Madhav Fashion, located in the heart of Raika Circle, Surat, Gujarat, emerges as the go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts and designers seeking exquisite Kali Embroidery fabrics.

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Madhav Fashion – The Epitome of Excellence:
At Madhav Fashion, we take pride in being the best Kali Embroidery fabric manufacturer in Raika Circle, Surat.

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovation has positioned us as a leading name in the industry. With a diverse range of Kali fabrics, we cater to the evolving fashion needs for various occasions.

Our Specialized Kali Embroidery Fabrics:
Madhav Fashion boasts an extensive collection of Kali Embroidery fabrics, each meticulously crafted to meet the demands of modern fashion. Here’s a glimpse of our diverse offerings:

1. Sequins Kali Fabric: Add a touch of glamour to your outfit with our Sequins Kali fabric, perfect for creating eye-catching ensembles.

2. Mirror Work Kali Fabric: Elevate your fashion quotient with our Mirror Work Kali fabric, featuring intricate mirror embellishments for a stunning look.

3. Dyeable Kali Fabric: Unleash your creativity with our Dyeable Kali fabric, allowing you to personalize your garments with vibrant and custom colors.

4. Lucknowi Kali Fabric: Immerse yourself in the charm of Lucknowi craftsmanship with our Lucknowi Kali fabric, known for its timeless appeal.

5. Thread Work Kali Fabric: Explore the beauty of detailed thread work with our Thread Work Kali fabric, a classic choice for elegant and refined outfits.

6. Jacquard Kali Fabric: Embrace sophistication with our Jacquard Kali fabric, featuring intricate patterns woven into the fabric for a luxurious feel.

7. Printed Kali Fabric: Make a style statement with our Printed Kali fabric, offering a fusion of traditional embroidery and contemporary prints.

8. Print Embroidery Kali Fabric: Experience the perfect blend of print and embroidery with our Print Embroidery Kali fabric, ideal for a chic and trendy look.

Want Readymade Co ord Set, Kurti, Saree

Fabric Variety:
Our Kali Embroidery fabrics are crafted from a variety of materials, including Georgette, net, cotton, and organza.

This diverse range ensures that you find the perfect fabric to bring your fashion vision to life, whether it’s a prom gown, lehenga, Anarkali dress, long dress, or any other exquisite outfit.

Buy kali Embroidery fabric at wholesale rate online in India

Whatsapp us 9099144005

Madhav Fashion takes pride in delivering exceptional Kali Thread Work Embroidery fabrics that speak volumes about style and craftsmanship.

As you explore our extensive collection, rest assured that you are choosing from the best in the industry. Elevate your fashion creations with Madhav Fashion, your trusted partner for premium Kali Embroidery fabrics in Raika Circle, Surat, Gujarat.

Embroidered Elegance Unleashed: Wholesale Kali Thread Work Fabrics by Madhav Fashion
  1. Kali Embroidery Designs:
    Explore the artistry of Kali Embroidery with Madhav Fashion’s intricate designs. From traditional to contemporary, our collection promises to elevate your creations to new heights of elegance.
  2. Simple Kali Embroidery Designs:
    Discover simplicity with Madhav Fashion’s Simple Kali Embroidery designs, blending grace and style effortlessly for those who appreciate the beauty in subtlety.
  3. Kali Embroidery Designs Images:
    View the visual feast of Kali Embroidery Designs by Madhav Fashion through captivating images that showcase the exquisite craftsmanship and intricate details.
  4. Kali Embroidery Designs Free:
    Access the beauty of Kali Embroidery with Madhav Fashion’s free designs, allowing you to experiment and create with the essence of elegance at no cost.
  5. Machine Embroidery Designs Sketch Kali:
    Madhav Fashion introduces Machine Embroidery Designs Sketch Kali, merging technology and artistry for creations that seamlessly blend tradition and innovation.
  6. Free Embroidery Designs Sketch Kali:
    Experience the fusion of creativity and cost-effectiveness with Madhav Fashion’s Free Embroidery Designs Sketch Kali, providing a canvas for your imagination to flourish.
  7. Simple Embroidery Designs Sketch Kali:
    Madhav Fashion’s Simple Embroidery Designs Sketch Kali captivates with its uncomplicated beauty, allowing you to bring elegance to your creations effortlessly.
  8. Kali Design Dress:
    Embrace the allure of Kali Design Dresses from Madhav Fashion, where each piece is a masterpiece of embroidery, style, and sophistication.
  9. Kali Design Lehenga:
    Elevate your ethnic wardrobe with Madhav Fashion’s Kali Design Lehengas, blending traditional charm with contemporary elegance for a timeless appeal.
  10. Kalki Sketch:
    Unveil the artistic essence of Kalki Sketch designs by Madhav Fashion, where every stroke narrates a story of craftsmanship, finesse, and cultural richness.
  11. Kali Design Dress Simple:
    Madhav Fashion’s Kali Design Dresses redefine simplicity, offering a harmonious blend of elegance and minimalism for those who appreciate understated beauty.
  12. Kali Design Dress Photo:
    Explore the beauty of Madhav Fashion’s Kali Design Dresses through captivating photos, capturing the intricate details that make each piece a work of art.
  13. Kali Design Dress Online:
    Immerse yourself in the convenience of online shopping for Madhav Fashion’s Kali Design Dresses, where elegance meets accessibility at your fingertips.
  14. Kali Design Dress Images:
    Visualize the grace and charm of Madhav Fashion’s Kali Design Dresses through a gallery of captivating images that showcase the richness of our embroidery.
  15. Kali Suit Design:
    Redefine ethnic fashion with Madhav Fashion’s Kali Suit Designs, where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary style for a wardrobe that makes a statement.
  16. 6 Kali Frock Cutting:
    Madhav Fashion’s 6 Kali Frock Cutting designs offer a perfect blend of simplicity and style, providing a canvas for creativity in crafting stunning frocks.
  17. Anarkali Suit Design:
    Embrace the timeless allure of Madhav Fashion’s Anarkali Suit Designs, where each piece is a testament to our commitment to quality, style, and innovation.
  18. Anarkali Dress:
    Step into the world of grace and elegance with Madhav Fashion’s Anarkali Dresses, where every silhouette reflects the brand’s dedication to creating timeless pieces.
  19. Kali Design Dress Fabric Price:
    Explore the affordability of Madhav Fashion’s Kali Design Dress Fabric, where quality meets cost-effectiveness for creations that radiate sophistication.
  20. Kali Design Dress Fabric in India:
    Immerse yourself in the rich textile heritage of India with Madhav Fashion’s Kali Design Dress Fabric, crafted to perfection for a touch of traditional elegance.
  21. Kali Design Dress Fabric Images:
    Visualize the opulence of Madhav Fashion’s Kali Design Dress Fabric through captivating images that showcase the quality and intricacy of our materials.
  22. Kali Embroidery Fabric for Lehenga Wholesale:
    Madhav Fashion offers Kali Embroidery Fabric for Lehenga wholesale, providing designers and businesses with access to premium materials that define sophistication.
  23. Kali Embroidery Fabric for Lehenga Price:
    Discover the competitive pricing of Madhav Fashion’s Kali Embroidery Fabric for Lehenga, ensuring that quality remains accessible to all.
  24. Kali Embroidery Fabric for Lehenga Online Shopping:
    Immerse yourself in the ease of online shopping for Kali Embroidery Fabric for Lehenga from Madhav Fashion, where luxury meets convenience.
  25. Kali Embroidery Fabric for Lehenga Online:
    Madhav Fashion’s Kali Embroidery Fabric for Lehenga is available online, allowing you to explore and purchase the finest materials with just a click.
  26. Kali Fabric for Lehenga:
    Craft your dream Lehenga with Madhav Fashion’s Kali Fabric, where each piece is a canvas for creativity, blending tradition and innovation seamlessly.
  27. Lehenga Kali Design:
    Elevate your Lehenga with Madhav Fashion’s Kali Design, where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary aesthetics for a truly timeless ensemble.
  28. 32 Kali Lehenga:
    Madhav Fashion’s 32 Kali Lehenga collection offers a symphony of embroidery, design, and elegance, allowing you to make a statement at any occasion.
  29. Georgette Kali:
    Immerse yourself in the grace of Georgette Kali from Madhav Fashion, where each piece embodies the brand’s commitment to quality and style.
  30. Kali Embroidery Fabric for Anarkali:
    Craft stunning Anarkali ensembles with Madhav Fashion’s Kali Embroidery Fabric, where tradition meets innovation for designs that captivate.
  31. Mirror Work Kali Embroidery Fabric for Anarkali:
    Add a touch of glamour to your Anarkali creations with Madhav Fashion’s Mirror Work Kali Embroidery Fabric, reflecting the brand’s dedication to opulence.
  32. Buy Mirror Work Anarkali Online in India:
    Experience the convenience of online shopping for Mirror Work Anarkali from Madhav Fashion, where luxury is just a click away, ensuring that your wardrobe reflects elegance.

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Prom Gown, lehenga, Anarkali dress, Long Dress and for Dress


Madhav Fashion Deals on a Pan India level, covering regions such as Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, Lakshadweep, Puducherry. Madhav Fashion's business expansion also has an impact on continents and countries such as Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and Antarctica. Our services are also available in Middle Eastern countries.


Madhav fashion requires advance payment for all orders. Customers are requested to make the payment in advance to confirm their orders.


For Delivery takes 15 to 25 days As per the products. If Placing Order on ready products we will dispatch withing two days.

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