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Butta Embroidered Fabric with Water Sequins Viscose Thread

Embrace elegance with Madhav Fashion’s Butta Embroidered Fabric. Water sequins and viscose thread combine, creating a fabric that exudes beauty and sophistication for your fashion creations.

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Introducing Madhav Fashion’s Butta Embroidered Fabric with Water Sequins and Viscose Thread, a fabric that embodies elegance and sophistication. With its exquisite design and high-quality materials, this fabric is perfect for creating stunning and luxurious fashion pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Butta Embroidery?

A: Butta Embroidery is a traditional embroidery technique characterized by small, intricate motifs or patterns stitched onto fabric. It adds a touch of charm and uniqueness to the fabric.

Q: What makes the Butta Embroidered Fabric with Water Sequins and Viscose Thread special?

A: This fabric combines the beauty of butta embroidery with the shimmering effect of water sequins and the smooth texture of viscose thread. It creates a captivating and visually appealing fabric that stands out.

Q: Can this fabric be used for both casual and formal wear?

A: Yes, the Butta Embroidered Fabric is versatile and suitable for a wide range of occasions. It can be used to create both casual and formal attire, adding an element of sophistication to your wardrobe.

Q: How should I care for this fabric?

A: It is recommended to dry clean this fabric to preserve the integrity of the embroidery and sequins. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight for extended periods and store it in a cool, dry place.

Q: Can I order swatches of this fabric?

A: Madhav Fashion offers swatch samples of select fabrics. Please contact our customer service team to inquire about swatch availability and pricing.

Elevate your fashion game with Madhav Fashion’s Butta Embroidered Fabric with Water Sequins and Viscose Thread. Let the intricate embroidery, shimmering sequins, and luxurious texture create fashion pieces that exude elegance and charm, making a statement wherever you go.

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Viscose Georgette


Perfect for sarees, salwar kameez, dresses, suits, kurtas, kurtis, sherwanis, and other ethnic dresses.

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